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Hi, I'm Brian

I was shy as a kid. It didn't help I was also short, weak and lacked friends. This made me a prime target for bullies... until I took up Slam Poetry. Then I learned the power of words. That was 10 years ago. I haven't stopped writing or speaking since. 

You may recognize me from my work in media like ForbesTimeInc., CNBC, USA Today, Entrepreneur, or The Washington Post (or my interviews with celebrities).

But it wasn't until I shared my social anxiety story on Reddit did I discover my mission: to help others break out of their shells, be themselves and talk to anyone.


I love and appreciate your content. Thanks for inspiring.

Emmy, Instagram commenter

I’m glad there are more resources for social anxiety because it is truly debilitating and will hold you back from your full potential.

Natasha, Instagram commenter

Thank you for these amazing tips and I'm already starting to feel amazing. Thank you again.

@thewonderfly, Reddit commenter

Thanks! I can already see myself using these tips.

@vibing_rn, Reddit commentor

So true. Most people love to talk, but hardly listen.

Maureen, Instagram commenter

Love this, thanks for sharing!

Maya, Instagram commenter

Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl, Instagram commenter